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Receive keys to use for in-game crates to earn special rewards!

Current Keys Offered:

Promotional crate
Earn exclusive items and perks only available for a limited time! This crate is usually themed and available monthly.

Stock crate 
Earn extremely useful items to enhance your game play!

Crate items may change without notice.

Stock Crate Key x1
2.00 USD
Stock Crate Key x5
10.00 USD
Stock Crate Key x10
20.00 USD
Stock Crate Key x25
50.00 USD
Stock Crate Key x50
100.00 USD
Stock Crate Key x100
200.00 USD
Lucky Crate Key x1
4.00 USD
Lucky Crate Key x5
20.00 USD
Lucky Crate Key x10
40.00 USD
Lucky Crate Key x25
100.00 USD
Lucky Crate Key x50
200.00 USD
Lucky Crate Key x100
400.00 USD